Sadguru’s Facial & Dental Clinic is a state of the art dental clinic dedicated to providing you with the best in dental care and oral hygiene. The clinic was started in June 2013 by Dr.K.Srinivas who has been practising dentistry as a consultant at Manipal Hospital since 2002. Our core beliefs are based on our extensive experience in practice, and the values brought by our team to provide optimal dental health. As ambassadors of Dental health we strive to educate our patients to achieve optimal health and well-being.

The clinic is equipped with 2 modern dental chairs, Digital X-ray Machine, Intra Oral camera, LASER, Rotary Root canal Equipment and latest Dental Materials. The clinic follows universal aseptic precautions and standard sterilization and infection control practices.

Our clinic offers comprehensive Dental care for all routine patients, patients who are medically compromised and we also offer home dental care for terminally ill & bed ridden patients.

We recognize that different age groups have different needs, so we developed several treatment programs customized to meet the needs of our patients. Our preventive treatments for oral diseases are based upon thorough knowledge of physiological, psychological and socioeconomic parameters affecting each patient’s medical history.

Knowing that not all dental procedures can be performed by a dentist alone, we have a full staff of specialists to cater to your dental needs.

Our goal is to treat each patient with dignity, respect; kindness and courtesy while letting you know you are a valued part of our practice.